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The Pink Wand Cleaning Services
The Pink Wand


The Pink Wand Cleaning Services goes above and beyond to ensure that we set ourselves apart from other cleaning companies. In this post we want to share with you some of the practices we take that make us so very proud to be who we are.

Valuing Our Pink Wand Team Members

Our team at the Pink Wand Cleaning Services is our family. We value each and every member of our staff and honour them by offering customized schedules. All drive time for our staff is covered by our company with company-provided vehicles and equipment. Unlike many other cleaning companies, we also offer comprehensive and full benefit packages to our team members so that they can rest assured knowing that they have proper coverage. 

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services also hosts fun team building events and gatherings where we all come together to get to know one another, connect and share experiences. The Pink Wand is so fortunate to have a rockstar of a team on its side. 

In Your Home

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services takes the time to get to know our customers and respect their homes and work spaces. We work with your schedule and strive to offer far more than just a great cleaning. We will work to ensure that your pets are cared for and comfortable with our team in your home when doing residential cleaning, and we will also go out of our way not to disrupt your business and staff members when doing commercial cleaning. 

For our commercial clients, we offer full sit down sessions to determine the best cleaning plan and schedule for you and your business, so that management can focus on the business and we can focus on the cleaning. 

Thank you for supporting us. It is part of what sets us apart from other cleaning companies and builds relationships that will last a lifetime!

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services Management Team

The Pink Wand Airdrie