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The Pink Wand Cleaning Services


We can answer your FAQs.

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Are your team members fully insured and bonded?

100 percent! We pride ourselves on the highest standards available for both bonding and insurance, each team member also has a current criminal background check on file.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Card, E-transfer, cheques and cash. All bookings must be secured with a valid credit card, we do reserve the right to pre-authorize this card prior to services being performed.

Do I get the same team members in my home?

Yes! Some of the things we pride ourselves on are Quality, Consistency and Reliability. This includes how we schedule our crews! We have LONG TERM low turnover in an industry that generally has high! We work hard to ensure you have at least one regular team lead in your home at all times. We do run our company with our team members best life at heart, so many of our staff have children to work around so you may find fluctuation due to this however in general you will have a dedicated team provided that is familiar with your space. We take care and diligence only to hire team members we would want in our own homes!

Home Security Checks?

We provide insurance regulated home checks! When you travel and are away from your home, security checks are often required by your insurance company. The frequency of these checks does vary with each insurance company, so please consult them prior to booking our service. We can present your home as though it is still being lived in.

What is included in a home security check?

What is included in a home security check:
o A complete walk-through of the house
o Plant watering (if less than 15 minutes)
o Interior and exterior light control
o Opening and closing blinds
o Trash taken out
o Radio and TV turned off or on
o Flushing toilets
o Bringing in the mail
o Mail forwarding

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask our clients for 48 hours notice prior to any cancellation. We do have team members that rely on this income and hours therefore we do reserve the right to charge $50.00 – $100.00 cancellation to cover some of our cost in wages.

Am I required to be home at the time of the cleaning?

We do not require our clients to be home at the time of cleaning. We do ask that you setup a secure way for our team to get in and out of your premises. You are welcome to be present at the time of the clean. In general, we rarely see our clients as they want us to come in and create our magic!

Do you have a referral program?

Our livelihood is based on referrals from our loyal clients. If you give us a referral that results in a regular booking (more than 1 time) we will add a $25 credit onto your account. Office must be advised at initial booking of new client of the referral. Ask our office for details.*

What if damage occurs during my clean booking?

We pride ourselves on proper training and diligence by our team members. However sometimes accidents do occur, rest assured our management team will provide the necessary steps to advise our clients as well as fill out our incident report. We always work to repair or replace the item damaged at no charge, we do ask that items you put away all irreplaceable items to avoid accidents.

What if I am not satisfied with my clean?

Not happy? No need to worry. We will send in a team back within 24 hours to fix up any item that was missed.

Do I provide cleaning supplies?

Every cleaning appointment we show up with a vacuum, mops and bucket, and freshly washed linens. These are included in our hourly rate. We are proud to provide our own “Pink Wand approved” green cleaning line as well as our custom line of preferred regular cleaning products!


We work with you to work within a comfortable budget meeting our minimum charges based off a priorities list. We will work with your priorities until your timeframe and budget has been met . If our clean team requires more time and budget in order to complete your requests you will be notified.


We operate in teams of two, for a quick efficient clean. We continue to deliver consistent quality cleans working together as a team.


We want to partner with our clients and team and hope they understand we want to protect our employees as much as they want to be protected from us. For this reason we ask all clients/ team members to notify us immediately if there is an illness in your home. We will evaluate the situation and rescheduling will always be an option.


As masking is not required in most regions, our staff will only wear masks if they are requested by the client. Please let us know ahead of time if that is your preference and we will be sure to comply.


The Pink Wand Cleaning Services use products effective in killing germs and virus on hard non-porous surfaces like countertops, light switches, and doorknobs. If you request a disinfectant to be used, we promise to only use disinfectants approved by Health Canada.

What services do you provide?


We rely on our 100 plus point cleaning checklist to make sure every home is spotless. Most full cleans take around the 1.5 to 4 hour mark with a 2 person crew. Half cleans, 1 hour floors and bathrooms, are usually 1.5 hour cleans with a team of 2 team members. We have a 1.5 hour minimum charge per clean. Call us to discuss your cleaning priorities to make sure we are on the same page for what works best for your home and budget. We can work with ANY budget provided if it is within our 1.5 hour, 2 person team minimum.


For all our commercial cleans we provide an in office estimate via our commercial management team. Estimates are based upon the first two cleans and a regular rate is set after the third clean. We will then email you the contract and quotation and set up the regular service. We have a commercial check list that is left at every clean to ensure all needs are met.


This service is based on a 2 person crew. Move out cleans include our full basic check list as well as inside all appliances and cupboards and spot washing walls and baseboards. Most move out cleans take between 4 to 7 hours.


We also offer pantry refresher, linen closet refreshers, inside of appliances, change linens, gift cards and more! Check out our Services Page!

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services