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The Pink Wand Cleaning Services


With airdrielife Magazine

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services is excited to share that we are on our third year of sponsorship with airdrielife Magazine. This award, The Pink Wand Amazing Workplace Award, is given to a business or organization that has created an environment of support and equality for women. This award is presented to the business/organization as a whole, not to any one individual.

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services feels that its values align tremendously with dynamics of this award, as we strive to offer a workplace that is inclusive and safe.

This is an excellent chance for women to support and celebrate other amazing women in their community. The 2023 nominees for the award can be found here:

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services feels great fulfillment and excitement in sponsoring awards such as the Amazing Workplace Award, as well as supporting several other programs and local community agencies. We are passionate about community support, involvement and growth as a community.

Some of the other groups that we support are:

Families in Need
Airdrie Boys and Girls Club
Airdrie Food Bank
Airdrie Angel
Community Links
Habitat for Humanity
Airdrie Health Foundation
Airdrie Rotary

Best of luck to our 2023 nominees!

The Pink Wand Cleaning Services 

The Pink Wand Airdrie