We Are Ready to Serve Our Community

We are educated, prepared and ready to serve our community!

Under the careful guidance of safety officers, as well as legal and human resources specialists, we have studied the personal protective equipment requirements and other safety measures we would need to keep our community safe.

We are currently back up and running, under new safety provisions and PPE standards and will be implementing the following restrictions:

  • We ask that the premises to be vacant during our services being performed if at all possible. Note: If you are unable to do this please ensure to practice social distancing from our team members and isolate in an area they are not in. We can arrange to rotate that area for next cleaning.
  • We will be starting from a fresh new booking schedule. Please be patient as we are working to this new normal to the best of our abilities.
  • As we are working with a smaller staff, our regular clients get in on a first come first serve basis, then we will open to our full communities.
  • We will be offering all our current clients the added disinfectant clean to your regular service at no added fee, to say thank you for your commitment and loyalty to our business. This will include our team member coming with our disinfectants and taking the added time to do hard surface areas such as light switches and door knobs with our chemicals and no charge for added time for them to be applied and brought in.
  • We are offering our fellow business owners assistance in receiving PPE and with getting businesses sanitized to get back to business safely.
  • We have full PPE staff safety training and disinfecting cleaning products.
  • Our company vehicle fleets are now equipped with shield guards to maintain our team members social distance safety.
  • We will require all clients to sign our waiver indicating what we are doing as a company to keep our clients and staff members safe. This is required to be emailed back prior to us performing services.

At The Pink Wand Cleaning Services, we have dedicated team members that have assisted in helping our community during this pandemic by providing service to our essential service providers. We have also provided PPE, cleaning solutions, and safety data to our fellow business community.

I would like to thank the team members that stood by me to maintain assisting our community in the thick of Covid-19. I am honored to be the leader to my essential service providers, Pink Wand Team members and will NEVER forget the bravery, dedication and commitment to our community and company.

– Jacqui Jepson

President, The Pink Wand Cleaning Services