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Small business plays an important role in our local economy. Airdrie is home to just over 1,800 licensed Airdrie-based businesses. Of that, 99 per cent have fewer than 100 employees (consistent with the Canadian percentage). A further 86 per cent of Airdrie businesses have less than 10 employees. And, more than 58 per cent of local businesses operate from a home – 24 per cent of those businesses are interested in one day moving to a storefront location. Here are this year’s Businesses and Mentors that are working towards greatness!

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Jacqui Jepson is the mentor for: Delree Dumont, Native Art Gallery

Mentor Name: Jacqui Jepson
Age: 37
Business: The Pink Wand Cleaning Services Ltd.
Years in business: 7
Growing up I wanted to be: Pet store owner
My first year in business: I did whatever it took to get my name out; posted signs in ditches, knocked on doors and pounded the pavement! I worked 12-hour days to ensure I could provide for my kids.
Best advice you ever got: “Plan your work and work your plan.” (from my dad, Dave Jepson)
Proudest achievement: 2014 Business Winning Edge Award
What’s on your desk/laptop right now: Profile pictures and bios of my staff
I define success as: Reaching goals I have set for myself, checking them off and setting more goals to achieve. I have been paired with: Delree Dumont, Native Art Gallery