How we discovered my 9 year old had Lyme Disease

lyme_resized_1June 2015 after a family trip to Pittsburgh,  we came home to find my daughter, Ryan, only a few weeks later was sick.  It started with flu like symptoms and she would spend days of her summer vacation feeling lethargic and on the couch. One day she would have energy and the next day she just would not be herself.  Two weeks later, we headed to our lake lot and Ryan got covered in a bulls-eye rash.

We took her to see our family doctor and he diagnosed her with ring worm and gave us a topical cream. The rash got worse covering not only her legs and torso but her face. We took her back to the DR and got the response that she had a fever and ringworm. Finally, the rash faded however she still spent every other day on the couch. My usually vibrant and smiling Ryan was gone.  We continued with the ups and downs of her illness through the remainder of the summer. This included constantly taking her in to the Dr’s and getting misdiagnosed.

September arrived and Ryan’s joints started swelling.  The swelling began in her elbow and she could not move her arm. It then went to her wrist and finally her knee and she could not walk. To this point,  we had done multiple blood tests which ruled out cancer among other things but we still had no answers. The doctors then sent us to the Children’s Hospital for rheumatoid arthritis testing. After telling the doctors her symptoms and informing them that I had done some research and found similar symptoms to  Lyme disease, the Doctor agreed to do testing on her (only after hearing we were in the states the June prior).

After a month of waiting, the test finally came back positive for Lyme disease. We were then sent to the Children’s Hospital Infectious Diseases Clinic. The clinic put her on a month round of oral antibiotic with hopes that this would help. We got the sad news a month later there was still swelling in her joints (the antibiotics were not working).  We were forced to move forward with intravenous antibiotic treatment. Ryan got a stint put into her arm that runs the treatment to the main artery in her heart.  We do the treatment at home, daily and are praying for this to work. One more week left and we will know!

I would like to share this story to others in hopes it may save someone else’s suffering. To learn more on Lyme disease go to or watch the documentary called “Under our skin”

Share this story and help us spread the word about Lyme disease and the warning signs you or a loved one might be effected.

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  • Wow Jacquie, we had NO idea your family was dealing with this!!

    Our thoughts are with you guys as you move through this journey, and if there is anything we can do to assist, let us know!!

    Thank goodness Ryan has such a strong family to help her through this, and make sure to take care of yourself as well!!

    Thinking of you!

    Larry & Eileen Sondrol

  • My husband has chronic Lyme Disease so I know how awful of a disease this can be. We are currently down in NY state doing IV antibiotics for him. I hope that they help you up in Calgary. I am so glad that you caught it early because it is so much easier to treat the . My husband just turned 29 but we think he has had it since 14. The doctors in Airdrie and Calgary honestly didn’t help us at all. If things don’t go back to normal after her IV treatments I would suggest looking for another doctor to help. Believe me when I say you don’t want to see what happens when it gets chronic. Good luck and I pray for a full recovery for Ryan.

  • Thank you to one of my longest clients Larry and Eileen for your note of support. By continuing to support my business year after year as you have you have supported us more than you know. Thank you.
    Jacqui and Ryry

  • Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for your note and I am so sorry to hear your husband has Lyme also. Please keep in touch with me as to your journey. I wish him and you all the best in the states with treatment..
    We went for final blood tests today at 7:30am. My concern is that if we wait for results we will be waiting too long ( it takes a long time to get Lyme results back as you know). (June will be a year) They are already calling it late stage Lyme…

  • Wow Jacqui, Thank you for sharing your story. Sending you and your family our prayers for speedy recovery and getting back to the playfulness you all deserve.

  • Great writeup and so important to make others aware of this disease that is not easy to diagnose. Good luck Ryan at your next appt. Iam routing for u xxoo

  • Jacqui, I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are dealing with Lyme disease. Wishing Ryan a speedy and complete recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Ryan, and your family.

    Joan Bell

  • Hi Dawn,
    Thank you for the kind message for Ryry and I. It was hard to make public (as such a personal battle) however if we can help others with this then its worth it! Thanks again!

  • Thank you Joan life will continue and we will fight hard. Stint went out today and we are hopeful for a new normal! See you at smart start!

  • Hi Joan,
    Thanks so much for your message! I really look forward to our chats ar Smart start regarding our new businesses to mentor! All the support from everyone in our business network has kept me strong. Thanks so very much.
    Jacqui and lil Ry

  • Hi Joan,
    Thank you for the kind message. I look forward to seeing you at Smart start events soon.

  • I’m so sorry to hear this Jacquie… Sending loving prayers that your daughter returns fully to her happy, healthy, fun style!

  • Hi friends,
    Well I am SO HAPPY to report in 2 days I take my princess Ryan to Disneyland. This is to celebrate!!! She is done her treatments!! YESSSS!! We did it! Please continue to pray for her good health and thank you all so much for your kind words.
    Jacqui & Ryry

  • Hello. I’m going through the vry same thing. I’ve already been suffering lyes disease for 10 yes. But my poor sweet little girl (age 4), just tested positive. I’d love to get in touch with you so we can share & learn together. Please if you could look me up on FB. Mt name on there is Kat Marie. Or email. Thankyou for sharing. We soooo need to raise awareness at how prevent this dis ease really is. I live in cranbrook;BC. And my daughter was bit in spar wood. We were there for a ball tourny June 6th. So despite what most Dr. S say… it’s most definitely not just in the states

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