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Happy Employees Means Happy Customers

In 2008, Jacqui Jepson started cleaning houses to support her children after her divorce. Today, she runs The Pink Wand Cleaning Services, a million-dollar company based in Airdrie, Alberta with aspirations to sell franchises across Canada.

“I always set goals and I knew I wasn’t going to settle until I met all those goals,” said Jepson. “I knew that I had three kids to support and wanted to be a good example to them. My dad is an entrepreneur and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

“When we first started, I lived in a park model trailer in my parents’ backyard and I had maybe $10,000 in sales and now we have close to a million.”

We are humbled to be recognized in the Financial Post and certainly know this didn’t happen overnight. With insane amounts of dedication it is possible to start from nothing in a bad situation, and scrape your way to the top somehow. Thanks to all of those who got us here.

– Jacqui and the Pink Wand Team