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The Pink Wand Cleaning Services
Cleaning Products


Not sure what to products to use at home? No problem! We bring a caddy of supplies that can get you started and your home sparkling! Our (mostly) natural products include:


  • Disinfectant spray bottle – used on high touch areas after cleaning.
  • Dawn / vinegar mix spray bottle – great for showers and baths
  • Vinegar spray bottle – great for glass / multipurpose natural cleaner
  • Pine sol – multi – purpose cleaner
  • Bag of Tide – add 1 tbsp to warm mop water for sparkling floors / also great for walls, baseboards washing.
  • Scrub brush
  • Reusable duster


If you have certain products that you love for your home we are more than happy to use them! Just leave them out for our team and we will notify you as you need to replenish!