Amazing Leadership

At the Amazing women luncheon we were honored to have Jacqui Jepson nominated and choosen as a finalist for the amazing leadership award.

Jacqui Jepson has business acumen in spades.

Jepson owns The Pink Wand Cleaning Services – a commercial and residential cleaning service she launched in 2008 with only a vacuum, a family van, signage and ambitions to be her own boss. Today, the business has more than 250 clients, six commercial vehicles and, Jepson says, the best staff in the business.

“Being an entrepreneur is exciting,” she says. “It is amazing to watch what can be created out of an idea, hard work, showing up, commitment and good people.”

She started her business as a single mother with three children. “Knowing I had to make it for a good quality of life for myself and the kids kept has me driven,” she says. And with her business thriving, Jepson looks for ways to give back to the community whenever possible, even offering cleaning services where needed free of charge – including for seniors and palliative care patients.

“Jacqui has a huge heart,” says Kelly Paisley, a Pink Wand client. “She has the … ambition to keep on growing.”

Jepson is also involved with a program called SMARTstart, which allows new entrepreneurs to be mentored by existing business men and women. She serves as a mentor and encourages other local business owners and entrepreneurs to get involved.

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