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Sarrah M.

The Pink Wand


I also work at Original Joe’s as a hostess. I wanted to work with the Pink Wand Cleaning Service because I am already a very organized person and it fits my personality very well. I think I am coming on my first month of working for this company!

I have 4 siblings, 1 little sister and 3 older brothers. Everyone is kind of scattered throughout Canada, I am not very close with my family. I think what makes The Pink Wand Cleaning Services unique, is that we have all kinds of ladies cleaning and everyone single one is good with different things whether it be bathrooms, kitchens or floors and with that being said we don’t have to worry about something being done wrong.

Cleaning Tip

When you are wiping down stainless steal you gotta “go with the grain” kind of like hard would floors. If you go the way the pattern goes you can see finger prints and snugged come right on out. And then wipe it down with a dry rage after of course!

The Pink Wand