Staff Profile

Sarah K.

The Pink Wand


I was a receptionist at an accounting firm Collins Barrow prior to working with the Pink Wand Cleaning Services. I have been with Pink Wand on and off for the past 5 years in between my schooling. I enjoy working for the Pink Wand because of the flexibility it gives me to also pursue my career in makeup artistry, which is my true passion! This company promotes my artistic talent and business as well which I love!

Our company is unique because it offers services other than just cleaning such as home checks while our clients are out of town. We continue to grow as a company and thrive upon referrals, as well as each other succeeding in our passions not just for the  company but as individuals.

Cleaning Tip

My cleaning tip from five years of experience is use a magic eraser on sinks to get rid of all stains! Follow up with some Windex to give it a good shine!

The Pink Wand