Staff Profile

Michelle R.

The Pink Wand

Prior to working at The Pink Wand I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart for a few years and the Calgary Stampede for 17yrs. I currently still go back and work at Stampede time at Nashville North as a Floor Manager.

I have been with the Pink Wand for 2.5yrs.  I enjoy working here because they believe in balancing work life with family life.

I have been married for almost 17yrs to an amazing man named Bryan. We have 2 wonderful children, Owen who is 15yrs old that plays travel hockey and a daughter Krista who is 13yrs old that does gymnastics.

We are different here at the Pink Wand because we are caring and are like a family.  We take pride in the work that we do and treat every home that we go into like it is our own.  We take our time to get things done right and treat the customers like they are part of our family.

Cleaning Tip

My favorite cleaning tip would be to use a disposable rubber glove to collect pet fur from your furniture or seats in your vehicles. Using just a vacuum doesn’t always grab all the fur but by rubbing off into one place to collect it all gets more off.

The Pink Wand