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I am Peruvian and have been living  in Canada for about 9 years with my husband, he is Canadian.
We have been married 10 years.

Prior to joining the Pink Wand I worked as a Secretary Executive for 15 years in Peru and in Canada I started work at Walmart in the evenings. I like to pass time with my family doing outdoor activities and travel.

Since my daughter studies full time in school I have time in the mornings so I decide to find a part-time job, extra money is always good.  It helps out my family and the company.

I like working with the Pink Wand because it is a serious company, they trust and understand mothers that work, I have flexible hours and after work I have time to pick up my daughter from the school.

Cleaning Tip

Clean your microwave naturally with just a lemon, put water in a bowl, half  a lemon into the water, 3 minutes in high power, let stand for 5 minutes. Open the microwave and wipe.

The Pink Wand